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Emotion Support for Our Children in Public School

Are you giving your child all the support that they need when they are educated outside of home?

Learn to be an ever present source love and emotional balance for your beautiful ones.

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Reiki: Using Your Divine Connection to Heal

Answer the question: What is Reiki?

Learn how can you use this energy medicine to improve your health mind, body and soul.


Astrology 101: From the Mind of the Ancients

Astrology started thousands of years ago in the ancient lands of Egypt/Kmt.

Get an overview of how your sun sign is influential on your life

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The Professional Healer

History, tips and advise on actualizing your intentions to be a healer for yourself, your family and your community. 

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Nutrition: Changing Your Thoughts about Food

What does your body need to be healthy?

Explore why we eat. Explore basic anatomy and physiology.

Get an overview of nutrients that are need for every function of the full body.

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