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Meet Dr. Akua


Dr. Akua Gray, a wellness educator for over two decades is the author of twelve published works on holistic health and vegan nutrition. As a founding member of A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute she has help to train thousands of community wellness workers world wide in the areas of Naturopathy, Iridology, Naturopathic Reiki, Naturopathic Herbalogy and many other areas of holistic and alternative methods of healthcare. Born in Houston, TX Dr. Akua now lives in southern Ghana, West Africa.



Wellness, spiritual health and longevity are my passions. I live my life on purpose by doing the work required to provide a health service to all seekers who are a part of my divine intention everyday. Enjoy my book of daily affirmations for free.

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Counseling Services


Balance in the mind, body, emotions and spirit are the only ways to living a life of peace. Let me help you take the steps needed to complete the process of becoming whole. The world doesn't have a chance against you if you are equipped to master all challenges.  

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